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Your account has been deleted:

  • A Photo does not belong to you.
  • A TEXT has been COPIED & PASTED from another content creator.
  • A TEXT has been COPIED & PARAPHRASED from another content creator.
  • You did not respect our Terms & Conditions of use.

We do not refund any Top Up made into your account. A limit of 100 has been set to avoid any mistake being made when topping up your account.
When you submit YOUR recipe, you are granting "Personal Use Rights" to the users of Yardies Food App. You are earning the same amount directly from those who buy your recipes and from those buying another user's Cookbook, which includes any of your recipes. Your earnings vary subject to your account type: Chef, Cook or Foodie.
You can request from your account in the settings area for your account type to be changed from Foodie. You can also speed up the process by using this link: REQUEST NOW
If your Cookbook include ONLY YOUR recipes, you can choose a price for sale. Every recipe included in this Cookbook will only be available and visible from this Cookbook. They are automatically removed from your Profile, as they cannot be purchased individually.
Your account once deleted cannot be recovered with all the recipes submitted, purchased or Cookbooks created. Your Recipes will still be listed and available from the account of users who previously bought them, individually or as part of a Cookbook.
You can flag a Recipe for Copyright issues, concerning you or someone's else property. If a user has copied and pasted a recipe (available online or in a published book), it can be proven that there is an issue if 70% of the text is identifiable from another recipe (i.e., ingredients list (=30%), private tips and personal languages or expressions). Changing the order of an ingredients/instructions listing is really not enough to pass a Recipe as your own.
You can flag a Recipe for Copyright issues, concerning you or someone's else property. If a user has used someone's else food picture to illustrate any one of their recipes on their Profile, we will investigate the claim to establish who is the owner of the photography. Both users might be contacted.
We will investigate the claim. A valid claim will freeze the user's account and no more activities can be made by this user. The recipe, however, will still be available for sale.
We will delete the user account, who maliciously stole a text/image from another recipe's owner.
Any user who makes a false claim will have its account deleted immediately.
The proceed, if any, for the deleted recipe will be transferred to the owner of the recipe (a user of Yardies Food App) or refunded to all the users who purchased this recipe, when the owner is not a user of Yardies Food App.
Imagine if someone stole your contents... we need time to flag your account as legit and verified. Verified accounts will be paid every 30 days after their first payment.
Your food photography is the selling point of your recipe. We do not accept poor quality pictures. You should not add your own watermark or your text on your photography as one is generated on your pictures, made of your copyright name and Yardies Food's logo.
We do not accept recipes with too many typos, grammar errors and lack of good translation. This is to respect every user in different languages.
When submitting a recipe in another language, we only correct typos and grammar errors. Due to the volume of recipes submitted, only short recipes can be corrected.
When submitting a recipe in another language, you propose a translation. We only correct typos and grammar errors on short recipes. We do not provide translations for long recipes.
A very simple recipe listing ingredients and basic cooking instructions is not protected by copyright law. However, adding your original and creative portion in your recipes - personal tips, special instructions and unique twists - help in the case of a copyright dispute.
Do not hesitate to use your own words, linguos and specific ideas into your recipes. We do not advise telling your story or adding your biography, like it is done on recipes' websites.