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Passionate about FOOD

FOOD is Love... for a reason. Our Chefs, Cooks and Foodies are creating the most amazing Cookbooks, uniquely made with their favourite Recipe Developers.

"Humble Greek cook seriously in love with food, hunting and foraging who is on a culinary mission with his one Michelin star."

Chef ©Asimakis

Athenian Chef

"Juggling a career as a lawyer, politician and a mother in the kitchen is nothing for this passionate cook, ask her food photography!"

©Magali robo

French Guianan Cook

"Tooting our own horn as a Foodie and giving basic tutorials on how to best use the App and its functionalities."

©Yardies Food

Worldwide Foodie

"Boucanage is originally (for our ancestors) a method of conservation of meat and fish where you smoke them for very long hours."


French Chef

"Self taught home cook, Uzo makes tasty meal and shares her journey with her customer through a multicultural menu."

©Uzo Amaka

Nigerian Cook

"We no longer deliver food but we deliver the possibility to gather your best recipes and support your favourite cooks."


Worldwide Foodie

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