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How to add recipes in a COOKBOOK?

Our application is very easy to understand when it comes to adding a new recipe or cookbook. However, in case you do not want to sell your recipes individually, like every other recipes in Yardies Food App, it might be very tiring to add each recipes while they are already available for sale from your profile.

You can make a cookbook private for 30 days from your account or from the App. It will give you time to complete your cookbook in your own time with all the recipes you want in this particular cookbook, without users starting to buy your recipes under our Terms and Conditions.

FIRST, you need to create the cookbook with the image of your book cover and the title. The title only appear in the App, not on the cookbook:

SECOND, add one recipe to this cookbook from the << >> menu below any recipe.

THIRD, click on this cookbook from your profile or the “cookbook icon”, located at the bottom navigation bar:

FOURTH, click on the PDF or PRINT icon to preview your cookbook cover and recipe. You will see the total price of your cookbook, which contains only one recipe. Press confirm if you want to leave this cookbook as is, under our terms and conditions. Or enter your total price (for the cookbook with all future recipes) then confirm. You cannot reverse this action! You can only change the price of your cookbook every 30 days for a value that can never be below the one fixed by your account type – Chef, Cook or Foodie, for the amount of recipes included.

Your recipe has now been hidden in your profile and any recipe added here will also be only visible from this particular hidden cookbook. To make your cookbook visible again, repeat step four (by previewing your cookbook) and confirm your total price, which will un-hide your cookbook. You cannot remove any recipe until the 30 days delay, but you can add more recipes anytime you wish. It will no longer affect the price or visibility of your recipes or cookbook.

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