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How to EARN from someone else’s recipe?

In our Foodie community, we take copyright theft very seriously. Why steal, copy and paste or try to do a lazy job at paraphrasing someone else’s work when you could earn money from someone else’s recipe!

From your account (available on your desktop or tablet only), you can “MODIFY” a recipe that you previously bought:

  • use your own picture after following the recipe’s instructions
  • change the quantities and/or modify the ingredients
  • explain in the <<notes>> section why you believe that an ingredient should be removed/modified – *this last step is required!

You are now a guest owner of someone else’s work. The original owner of the recipe is still earning the same amount from his recipe AND you are also receiving a contribution from your added value to the recipe.

Both you and the owner of the original recipe are mentioned on this version of the recipe.

Modified by me
This type of recipes is automatically added in this cookbook, available only from your profile. You can add the recipes in your own cookbooks!

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