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WEB App REGISTRATION: 20th November

Are you following us on our social:
– Instagram – @YardiesFood
– Twitter: @YardiesFood
– Facebook: @YardiesFood

We are giving the opportunity to future buyers to pre-pay for your recipes on CROWDFUNDER UK:


We are opening registration on our WEB App (accessible from your desktop computer and tablets) to more recipes developers! Join our Facebook group which has been made private, for now, to manage the amount of REAL profiles that will create a new account on our platform. Registration link will be shared here:
Yardies Food App – Private Facebook Group

We are already receiving plenty of fake requests (there are catfish candidates on Facebook who create a new identity using friendly faces and generic names) as the opportunity to get paid while stealing other users contents and food pictures is lucrative for them. If we cannot moderate, can we exist? NO.
You would be the first to complain about Yardies Food and your copyright being exploited without your knowledge. So, pardon us for the very slowly cooked launch…

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